SAP Services: Product Costing (CO-PC)

Developed and implemented Product Costing designs including integration with MM/PP modules with production orders, production versions with cost collectors, PP-PI co-products and by-products, material transfers, purchasing information segregating components such as freight from purchasing costs for costing purposes and PPV, external processing and subcontracting and integration with cost center planning.

Discrete manufacturing and repetitive manufacturing in single and multi-plant environments. Sales order settlement for repair order process. MM account determination including grouping valuation areas, defining valuation classes, configuring automatic postings, order hierarchy reporting, and work center formulas.

Valuated and non-valuated sales order stock with variant configuration in a manufacturing environment that created both assembly orders directly from sales orders and MRP demand from sales orders.

Activity-Based Costing business processes, templates, functions, and iterative planning into costing strategy.

Revaluation at actual price to move variances related to manufacturing from cost centers and business processes to orders.

Actual costing strategy using Material Ledger for periodic unit pricing, inventory revaluation, and actual COGS.

Best Practices and Master Data Cleanup. Developed and executed processes to analyze Product Costing accuracy by identifying issues for the business to address in master data management and legacy data.


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