SAP Services: Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)

Report and analyze by product, customer and other key characteristics. CO-PA integration includes both sales orders and billing documents from SD, direct FI postings to accounts, and settlement of PP order and internal order data and sales order settlement.

SD integration included revenue, material valuation for cost of sales, and other sales related costs for valuated sales order stock, non-valuated sales order stock, finished and semi-finished goods. Integration with production order settlement updated value fields for the different production order variance categories.

Cost of sales broken down by cost components (i.e. materials, labor, etc.) and periodic valuation of cost of sales based on alternative cost estimates from Product Costing.

Planning with the flexibility of copying actual data to plan, plan to plan, and integration with Excel and other SAP modules such as PCA is being utilized for budgeting and forecasting. Drilldown COPA reporting for actual and plan data.

Reporting to include Cost of Goods Sold broken down by cost components, unit prices, plan actual comparisons, drilldown capabilities and periodic valuation. Developed CO-PA reporting for Production Order Variance. Report selection criteria allowed for reporting across fiscal years, option of profit center groups, and comparison of different period ranges..


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