SAP Services: Business Warehouse/Strategic Enterprise Management (BW/SEM)

SEM Business Planning and Simulation (BPS) pricing and planning scenarios as well as reporting requirements in BW. Integrated manual and automated planning and flexible “what if” simulations and analysis. Developed planning framework used to execute direct and indirect strategic planning.

Modeled SEM Planning Areas, Levels and Layouts. Developed various SEM planning functions and programming in SEM FOX in addition to creating Planning Profiles.

Integration of SEM and BW with R/3 for data extracting to BW and data retracting SEM BPS Planning to other systems via remote function calls.

BW Info Cubes, Transaction Cubes, Info Sources and other Structures such as ODS, Update Rules and Transfer Rules for BW Info Cubes.

Reporting/analysis within SEM as well as queries on BW Info Cubes.

Strategic Enterprise Planning (SEM) Balanced Scorecard (BSC) functionality to identify and track measures (KPI) as they relate to the corporate strategy and perspectives within the organization. The balanced scorecards incorporate the concepts of Kaplan and Norton including the grounding of measures in the organization’s strategic objectives and competitive demands and actively utilizing the scorecard to define and communicate priorities to departments, managers, and other key employees.

SEM Management Cockpit (MC) used for summarizing operational activity for management reporting and analysis purposes. Cockpit Frames included graphical representations of activities, BW queries, and external documents.


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